Beauty Product Claims

Cosmetic Cream on a Magazine

Your brand development and product formulation go hand in hand in order to create an authentic brand and products that resonate with your target audience and future tribe. ⁠

Walking the talk is a critical aspect of showing up authentically as a beauty brand. ⁠

Marketing and product claims are the territories where the road can crumble for many new beauty entrepreneurs who aren’t versed enough in how deep the rabbit hole goes when making innocent-sounding green beauty claims like “preservative-free”.⁠

In recent years, similar claims have landed some of the most well-known natural beauty indie brands in class action lawsuits.⁠

Often those making the claims aren’t chemists and don’t understand what is actually serving the function of stabilizing the product so it may be stored and used safely by your customers. ⁠

In our Beauty Brand Academy: How to Launch Masterclass we dig into all the ways important claims can go sideways AND how to differentiate your products while remaining in full integrity (and out of trouble). ⁠

What beauty claims do you currently find most confusing? Let us know below in the comments! ⁠

Beauty Product Claims

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