How to Design Cosmetic Packaging

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We can (ahem…do) spend hours in @ultabeauty and @sephora fondling all the gorgeous cosmetic packaging. ⁠

As a beauty entrepreneur, designing the packaging for your cosmetic brand should be one of the many joys of creating your own cosmetic line! ⁠

Once you’ve identified the components and those gorgeous finishes you are going to use, have finalized your formulas, and have your final ingredient list in hand… you now need to finalize the copy. ⁠

There’s the copy on the packaging that is legally required (ingredients, warnings, weights, etc.) and there’s the “romance copy” which describes the product inside. ⁠

Ah, romance… can be tricky to navigate at times… (still talking about copy here) and it’s important to know what you can and can’t say about your product before you pay major $$ to get that beautiful romance copy emblazoned across 100 (or 100,000) boxes!⁠

#nopressure but the packaging design you choose (and what you say on that box) could make or break your brand. It’s critical to take this step of developing your products very seriously.⁠

In our Beauty Brand Academy – How to Launch Master Class, we take that pressure off with easy to follow guides to help you get through even the most serious parts of product development as quickly, inexpensively, and painlessly as possible. ⁠

Tell us! What has been your most confusing part of packaging design?⁠

How to Design Cosmetic Packaging

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